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3 Ways Water Can Damage Your Mooresville Home

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growing behind drywall Water damage can cause mold and other complications!

If you spill some water on the floor, you can just dry it with a cloth or paper towel. But if your dishwasher has been leaking for the past few hours, you’re going to need water mitigation services from our team here at SERVPRO of Iredell County. People tend to underestimate how water can affect their home, but the reality is that it can be quite destructive.

How Water Ruins Your Property

1. It can ruin wood. Wood is a very porous material, so when it’s exposed to water, it absorbs it, which in turn causes it to expand and warp. If you’ve seen wood flooring buckle, that’s because it has absorbed too much water and can no longer fit into place. This is why wood tends to be one of our top priorities when drying a home.

2. It causes mold growth. Although mold spores are everywhere—including in your home—they don’t generally pose a problem until they’re exposed to moisture. When this happens, the spores activate and begin growing in colonies. When we visit a water-damaged home, we apply an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent mold growth.

3. It can be a health risk. Water is a great breeding ground for many bacteria, which can pose health effects, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Even if the water is initially clean, it can deteriorate within a couple of days. And if the water was already contaminated to begin with, it’s even more important you stay away from affected areas until our team has it cleaned up.

We Clean Up Water Damages

Water damage isn’t something to ignore, especially as time goes on. If you have water damage, SERVPRO of Iredell County in Mooresville, NC is professionally trained and available 24/7! We’ll make any disaster “Like it never even happened.”

3 Ways You Can Protect Your Statesville Home from Water Damage

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

White pipes under a sink Pipes can leak or burst when you least expect it, so take care of your home's plumbing system!

Ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve ever had flooding or a leak in their home, and you’ll likely discover at least one has (if not more). Even though they’re not something we like to disclose to others, water damage incidents are fairly common. While the damages can vary, it’s not uncommon for the cleanup and restoration process to cost thousands of dollars.

It’s not always possible to prevent these incidents from occurring, but there are some steps you can take to mitigate your risk!

Shut Off Your Water During Extended Vacations

Many people are beginning to venture outside of Statesville, and vacations are starting to feel commonplace again. But before you leave for your post-COVID trip, consider this: have you ever noticed that most accidents seem to happen when you’re away from your home? Whether it’s karma or just bad luck, water damage incidents that occur when you’re not home can get out of hand.

One of the easiest ways you can mitigate these problems from ruining your return home is to shut off the water before you leave. Doing this can prevent burst pipes or leaks from sending hundreds of gallons of water into your home.

Don’t Ignore Your Water Pipes

Speaking of pipes, your home’s plumbing system can cause water damage issues even when you’re home. Complications can arise due to having hard water, high water pressure, or even pipes freezing in the winter. Hard water and high pressure can be alleviated by installing a water softener and a pressure regulator in your system, respectively. You can prevent frozen pipes by having them insulated in advance.

We rely on our pipes to transport water to fixtures and appliances, so they’re not something we can ignore. If you notice any problems, you should have a plumber address them immediately.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Imagine coming home to find steaming water all over your kitchen floor. That’s exactly what one of our customers faced after their water heater burst one evening.

We all enjoy hot showers, but our water heaters don’t last forever. In fact, they should be replaced before the end of their life expectancy (which you can find listed on your appliance’s label). Over time, water heaters begin to wear down, increasing their risk of leaking or bursting. Be sure to regularly inspect yours for signs of stress; otherwise, replace it when it’s time to do so.

Hiring Water Damage Professionals

If you do have flooding or a leak at your home, you’re going to need the damage cleaned up. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Iredell County has more than a decade of experience cleaning and restoring water-damaged homes in the Statesville area. We’re available 24/7 to make any incident “Like it never even happened.”

Can You Remove the Smoke Smell from Your Belongings?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Empty Living Room Covered in a Layer of Soot If your Mooresville home has a fire, don't worry — we can eliminate the lingering odors!

If your Mooresville, NC home has had a fire, you know firsthand how strong the smell of smoke is. The odor is often headache-inducing, and it seemingly blankets everything in the home. In fact, sometimes the smell is so pungent that people are more than willing to discard affected items.

Although the malodor can be overwhelming, in most cases, it can be removed. At SERVPRO of Iredell County, we have several techniques at our disposal to remove smoke and other strong odors.

Cleaning Your Smoke-Damaged Possessions

We smell things when a substance releases odorants into the air, and then receptors in our nose transmit a signal to our brain [1]. Because smoke is highly volatile, it gives off a lot of odorants. So before our team can begin to remove the odor, we have to clean your damaged belongings so we can address the source. We have several different cleaning methods, depending on the type of material.

Clothes, linens, and other textiles are taken to our textile-cleaning facility, where our Mooresville cleaning experts use various products and equipment to remove soot from your soft goods. We even have an Esporta, a high-powered machine capable of cleaning heavily-sooted items—including uniforms and stuffed animals.

Furniture and more durable items are sent to our cleaning warehouse where we clean belongings with either propriety cleaning products or by using advanced technology. Our ultrasonic machines, for example, can remove soot from jewelry, small electronics, and other objects that require fine cleaning. Depending on the item and the cleaning requirements, we have a process to save many damaged items.

The Odor Removal Process

Just as with the cleaning process, SERVPRO of Iredell County has several different odor removal options. The method we use often depends on what and where we’re cleaning.

In most cases, we will place items in an ozone chamber, which is a special room where we purposefully generate ozone to neutralize smells. The ozone reacts with the odorants and effectively makes the smell go away. (NOTE: Because ozone can be dangerous even with low exposure levels, this is not something we recommend you do on your own.)

Another commonly used odor removal method is chlorine dioxide (CLO2). Similar to ozone, CLO2 reacts with molecules to neutralize the smell. In the case of CLO2, however, the molecules are incredibly small, which means it can more effectively penetrate porous material, which is why it’s sometimes preferable to ozone.

We Can Eliminate Nearly Any Smell

At SERVPRO of Iredell County, we invest in the best products and methods to save and restore your damaged belongings. If your Mooresville home has a fire, and you need our experts to get rid of the smell, know that we’re available for the entire cleanup and restoration process. Call us today at (704) 872-7466!

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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Statesville Business

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall and metal shelf Mold can be problematic for businesses, so you should take steps to prevent it from ever growing!

Mold is one of the last things you want to discover in your place of business. For starters, it can cause some health effects in people, which can slow or halt your operations, especially if you serve food. Mold growth can also be a symptom of recent or ongoing water damage, which can be a costly issue to resolve in and of itself. This is why it’s important to take preventative steps and avoid the headache altogether. At SERVPRO of Iredell County, we’ve helped many Statesville businesses take care of their mold problems, so below are a couple of preventative steps you can take to avoid them in the first place.

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold becomes a problem when it’s exposed to moisture, so if you can address it at the source, you can stop growth from ever occurring.

1. Immediately address any water damage. Mold spores need a couple of things to begin growing, and one of the most important is moisture. That’s why many people who initially avoid or cancel our services often call back later: their water damage encouraged mold growth. If you have water damage on your property, immediately call our team of water damage professionals!

2. Maintain lower humidity levels. High humidity levels are another way mold growth is encouraged. If your property’s humidity levels are unregulated, it’s best to purchase a dehumidifier(s). This device can draw moisture out of the air, which can lower the odds of mold growth. Your home’s humidity levels should be below 60%, but we say that 30-50% is ideal!

Your Mold Remediation Professionals

Mold growth is certainly a problem, but limiting your property’s exposure to moisture can help you prevent it from ever occurring. However, if you do have mold, our remediation experts have helped many Statesville homes and businesses overcome their mold issues. You can call our Mooresville-based team anytime at (704) 872-7466!

SERVPRO of Iredell County by the Numbers

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Shelves full of green air movers We have hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers, so we can take easily take care of your home or business!

SERVPRO of Iredell County has been around for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until last year that we came under our new ownership. Because of this change, we’ve significantly increased our capacity and our available services. Our success can only be contributed to the community’s support, which is why we’re excited to share some stats about where we are today!

Get to Know SERVPRO of Iredell County

1. 5 franchise locations. SERVPRO of Iredell County was the most recent location that we purchased, but it’s only a fifth of our overall service area. We also own 2 locations in Catawba County, 1 in Burke County, and 1 covering Alexander and Caldwell Counties!

2. 40+ green SERVPRO vehicles. You’ve likely seen our green vehicles as you’ve driven through Statesville, Mooresville, or the surrounding areas. If so, you’ve seen one of more than 40 of our vehicles, which we use to quickly get to customers’ properties. We regularly upgrade our fleet, so keep your eyes peeled for new additions!

3. 70 employees (roughly). It’s hard to imagine that a little more than a decade ago, we started our team with only 3 employees. Today we have around 70 employees, and we continue to add more all the time!

4. 600+ air movers and dehumidifiers. If your home or business has water damage, you’ll need to quickly dry the affected areas before they deteriorate and encourage mold growth. Our team has more than 600 combined units of both air movers and dehumidifiers — important tools for the water mitigation process — so we can respond to multiple disasters at the same time!

Your Local Cleanup and Restoration Professionals

We’re excited with the growth we’ve continued to have each year, and we’re grateful that the community has continued to call upon our team when it’s needed help. If you have any kind of disaster at your Statesville or Mooresville property, know that SERVPRO of Iredell County is available 24/7 to provide cleanup and restoration services!

Why SERVPRO of Iredell County is Trusted By Its Customers

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Woman answering a phone while seated at her desk Our team keeps customers up-to-date so they know exactly what's going on at their property!

Our team has served the Statesville and Mooresvile, NC communities for more than a decade, and we've worked hard to build a reputation as trustworthy experts. After every job, we ask our customers for feedback—both good and bad—so we can continue to build that trust. If you’re not sure if you should hire SERVPRO of Iredell County to clean and restore your property, we’ll share why others do.

We Respond Quickly

When you have a disaster, the last thing you want is to be told you have to wait. If you call our team, you won’t have to. We are available 24/7, and our team can be dispatched immediately—even at 2 a.m. on Christmas morning. While it’s SERVPRO policy to be at your property within 4 hours, in many cases, our team is there much sooner.

We Communicate Throughout the Process

When you have strangers in your home, you want to know what they’re doing and when. We agree—that’s why our employees explain the processes, answer any questions, and continue to update you on the progress. We want you to always be in the loop and trust that we know what we’re doing. That's also why we've established a quality assurance team, who regularly check in with our customers during and after the job.

We Do Most of Our Services In-House

When you hire a disaster restoration company, you want to know that everything is being taken care of by that team. That’s why we down most of our services in-house. We can clean your textiles, remediate mold, and remove odors—all without contracting it out to a 3rd-party company. We even have a reconstruction team, so once the damages have been cleaned up, we can repair your property and restore it to its pre-disaster condition.

Here When You Need Us

Most importantly, our team is always here when we’re needed. No matter what kind of disaster your property has, we have the training and experience to make it look “Like it never even happened.” If you live in the Statesville or Mooresville areas, know that SERVPRO of Iredell County is available 24/7!

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Statesville Business

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Green air mover facing wall with a section of missing drywall Water can seep behind drywall and other porous materials, so our team removes them to get to the hidden moisture.

No business wants to have a disaster at their operations site. Water-related incidents can slow or halt productivity, are generally expensive to clean up, and many have forced businesses to close their doors forever. As a water cleanup and restoration company, we have seen first-hand how water damage can negatively impact a business.

Mold Damage

Water damage tends to lead to mold damage, especially if it’s not been properly addressed. In ideal conditions, mold growth can occur in as little as 48 hours, but it can also make an appearance much later. Depending on the type of business, mold can present several complications. For starters, it can cause some health effects in people, which can slow your team’s productivity or cause disruptions in your operations. If you work in an industry with sanitary guidelines, this can present other issues entirely.

Structural Damage

Water can do a number on your property’s structure. Because many materials are porous, water tends to seep into these objects and cause both short-term and long-term damage. Wood flooring, for example, is likely to buckle, and moist sections of your drywall will generally need to be removed to dry any moisture it absorbed. Water mitigation teams like ourselves are able to completely dry out affected areas, but it’s not always cheap to do so, depending on the extent of the damage.

Be Prepared for Water Damage

In an ideal world, you would never have water damage at your business’ property. In reality, dozens of Statesville businesses have these issues each year. Water damage can be an expensive problem that can set back your business, but if you react quickly and call for professional help, you can mitigate the impact. If you have a Statesville-area business with water damage, know that our water mitigation team is available 24/7!

3 Ways to Prepare Your Statesville Home for Spring Storms

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Wooden barn under a dark, stormy sky Spring tends to bring all kinds of storms, so take action now!

Each spring local storms cause all sorts of damages, often in the form of downed trees and flooding. Every time, our mitigation team is called to clean up and restore affected homes and buildings across the Statesville, NC region. Fortunately, many of these damages can be prevented by taking precautionary steps, so we're going to share 3 of the easiest actions you can take to prepare your home!

How to Prevent Spring Storm Damages

If you want to protect your home from future flooding or wind damages, you have to be proactive. Below are three things you should have done as soon as possible.

1. Clean your gutters. Your gutters are your first line of defense against flooding. They are designed to catch and redirect rain away from your home, but if there's any blockage, it can force the water to back up and pool around the edges of your home.

2. Remove any problem trees. After nearly every major storm, we get calls from people who have had a tree fall on their home. If you have any sick or otherwise problematic trees near your home, have them removed or trimmed before they potentially damage your home and expose it to rain and other elements.

3. Repair any known cracks or other structural problems. Don’t put off any repair projects. We often get calls during storms where customers discover water leaking through the roof or cracks in the basement. If you know of any structural issues, be sure to have them patched immediately!

Storm Damage Professionals Serving the Statesville, NC Community

Spring may be beautiful, but it can bring adverse weather conditions. There's no telling when the next storm will pass through the Statesville area, but if you take precautions, you can mitigate any potential damages. If you do have storm damage, however, know that our professionals at SERVPRO of Iredell County are available 24/7 to clean up and restore your property.

How Wind Can Damage Your Statesville, NC Home

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

Grass blowing in the breeze under a stormy sky Wind can damage your home in more ways than one, so be prepared!

Your Statesville home is designed to protect you from the elements. In most cases, homes do a great job of weathering storms, but they’re not invincible. In fact, the wind alone can cause a lot of destruction to your property. After many years of serving the community, we’ve seen the many ways wind can damage your home.

Different Types of Wind Damages

1. Wind can knock over trees. Trees are great for the environment but terrible for your home. Yet each year, countless homes are damaged by fallen trees. In turn, these damages—often in the form of holes—expose your home’s interior to rain and other natural elements. If you have trees close to your home, you should consider having them removed, especially if they’re sick or dead.

2. Wind can throw loose debris. We often take for granted the things in and around our yard, but unrestrained objects pose a real threat to your property. Strong winds have the tendency to lift and throw lawn furniture, garbage cans, and other things. In addition to trashing your yard, these objects have the potential to damage your home. If you know a storm is coming, it’s recommended that you restrain everything in your yard.

3. Wind can damage your roof. High-speed winds can do a number on your roof. If you have loose shingles, for example, they can be easily stripped away. Even shingles in good condition can be ruined if the wind is strong enough. In some cases, chimneys can shift, which can expose your interior to water damage (and potentially mold).

Storm Damage Professionals

When we think of storm damage, we often think of flooding, but as we’ve shown, wind can be just as destructive, if not more so. When you’re preparing for an upcoming storm, be sure to consider how the wind might affect your  Statesville home. If you do have storm damage, however, you can call our team any time at (704) 872-7466!

Why Soot Damage Can Be Detrimental to Your Troutman Home

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Soot covering most of a wall Soot can stain and damage your home and belongings, so it's important to have it cleaned by experienced professionals!

Fires don’t always consume entire homes. In fact, many of ourTroutman-area jobs come from small kitchen fires that may only affect a couple of rooms. These types of jobs often deal primarily with soot, which many people try to clean up on their own. Unfortunately, soot can be a major problem that should be handled by professionals!

Soot is Notoriously Difficult to Clean

Soot can cause major discoloring, which is why it’s important to clean it from affected surfaces as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if it’s not cleaned properly, it can actually stain and cause further damage. Due to its nature, soot cleanup requires the use of certain cleaning products and techniques. That’s generally why the cleaning process is better left to professionals who know exactly what to do!

Soot Disrupts Your Air Quality

Our team is often hired to clean a home’s HVAC after it has fire. That’s because soot particles sit in the air ducts, ready to disperse once the system kicks on. Until your home has been thoroughly cleaned, you’re likely lowering your home’s air quality. This can be especially concerning with people with asthma and other health conditions, but it can cause complications for anyone given enough exposure.

Professional Soot Cleanup in Troutman, NC

Even a small house fire can cause a lot of damage to your home. If your Troutman home has soot damage, call our professional team at SERVPRO of Iredell County today!