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SERVPRO employees assembling their equipment in a hallway

Taking Care of Storm Damages in a Hickory, NC High School

A Hickory high school was in the middle of roof repairs when a storm caused more than 2 inches of flooding. Once our team was dispatched, we set drying equipment and removed affected contents from each of the affected classrooms.

Two women standing on scaffold, wiping ceiling of home

Cleaning Nicotine Stains in a Mooresville, NC Home

Smoking indoors isn't just a fire hazard — it can stain your walls, ceiling, and other surfaces. Our team was called to this Hickory home to remove nicotine stains and to eliminate the cigarette odor!

Two women sitting at separate desks in a spacious office

Our Quality Assurance Department

We believe customer service should be at the forefront of our operations, so we established a quality assurance team to do just that. These employees answer phones, provide updates, and make sure you're satisfied with the entire experience!

Man in orange SERVPRO safety vest cuts a line into a white wall

Making Flood Cuts in a Apartment Building

An uncompleted apartment building had water damage in multiple units, so our team was dispatched to dry wet materials. In the above photo, one of our crew chiefs cuts out a section of drywall that was still wet.

Back of SERVPRO vehicles parked in a row

Helping Texas Victims After the Winter Storm

In February 2021, a winter storm caused damages and power outages throughout all of Texas. We joined hundreds of other SERVPRO franchises to clean up and restore thousands of storm- and water-damaged properties across the state!

SERVPRO employee standing outside next to a large vacuum-type bag

Duct Cleaning a Home With Our High-Powered Vacuum

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants will build up inside your air ducts over time, so our duct cleaning professionals will clear out your HVAC system using our high-powered vacuum and proprietary cleaning products!

SERVPRO employee wearing face covering removes baseboard from wall

Removing Baseboard From Water-Damaged Walls

Walls and carpet are porous materials that can absorb water and encourage mold growth. In some situations, like the one above, we have to removed baseboards and sections of the wall to get to hidden moisture. Once we remove these barriers, we can dry the wet materials behind them!

Crouched man wearing a mask writing on paper

Creating an Estimate for a Mold Job

If you have visible signs of mold, our team will come out to assess the damage and create a customized estimate for the remediation process. In this photo, one of our production managers is creating a preliminary sketch of the affected area.

SERVPRO employee sucking up water from carpet with vacuum-like machine

Extracting Water Damage in an Apartment

An upstairs bathtub overflowed, leading to water damage in multiple units. Our team responded with the hour, and we began extracting water (shown). Once we finished extraction, we set drying equipment to dry out the affected areas!

3 men put on PPE in a parking lot next to a SERVPRO vehicle

Preparing to Disinfect a Fire Department

Our team was called to disinfect a fire department after it had confirmed cases of COVID-19. In these situations, our employees are required to wear full PPE to help protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus!

SERVPRO employee fogging a waiting room

Disinfecting Local Businesses

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been helping numerous local businesses clean and disinfect their workspaces. We use EPA-approved products and follow CDC guidelines to help reduce the spread of pathogens!

Water covering the concrete floor of a warehouse full of equipment

Helping a Local Warehouse with Flooding

A local manufacturing warehouse had major flooding after rain waters infiltrated the property. There was so much water we had to send multiple teams to extract and dry the water! We have more than 70 employees, so we're able to respond to any size disaster!

Green air movers and air scrubbers spread out in a poorly lit school gymnasium

Cleaning Up After a Large School Fire

A fire did massive damage to the athletics facility of a nearby college. We dispatched several crews and worked multiple weeks to clean up and repair the damaged facility. We were able to get it back up and running in time for the next season!

Man holding machine that is breaking floor tile

Extracting Hidden Moisture After Flooding

When a storm flooded parts of this Statesville home, a lot of contaminated water seeped beneath the tile flooring. It was imperative that we dried the water so it didn't cause mold/bacterial growth or comprise the integrity of the floor. We used a tile breaker (shown) so we could remove the tile and get to the hidden water.

Two men walking beside an inflatable tube in a hallway

Storm Damage Cleanup Professionals

A storm caused wind damage and flooding to this local school. Due to the extent of the damage, we dispatched multiple crews to extract water, set drying equipment, and to mitigate the risk of mold and additional structural damage. The school was impressed with both our response time and ability to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO employee wiping a soot-covered door

Cleaning a Soot-covered Storage Closet

An electrical fire broke out in the storage unit of this apartment unit, which created a tremendous amount of soot. Our technicians worked diligently to clean the structure using dry chemical sponges and proprietary cleaning supplies. Soot is incredibly difficult to clean without creating additional problems, but our team is more than capable!

Woman in between washers and driers pushing a cart full of clothes near

We Can Clean Your Damaged Textiles

If you have a fire or flooding in your home, what happens to your belongings? If you're working with us, we can bring them back to our facility to be cleaned and stored! Specifically, we have a textile cleaning facility that can clean nearly any damaged textile, such as clothes, linens, stuffed animals, and more.

Man writing on a document in a kitchen with soot and smoke damage

Helping Homeowners Clean Up Fire Damage

Fires can do devastating damage to your property, such as when a fire reached all corners of the home in the picture above. Our team spent several days cleaning up the damage and packing out the customers' belongings so they could be cleaned and stored until they were back on their feet.

Dust and debris along the interior wall of an air duct

We Clean Air Ducts

When was the last time you had your HVAC system cleaned? Most people never think about it, which is their air ducts might look like the above. Our team has cleaned hundreds of homes' and businesses' duct systems by using high-quality equipment and techniques accepted by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

The above photo was taken of an air duct at a local community college. We worked diligently to completely clean it out!

Wet tile-patterned flooring in a separate room from a white kitchen with an open cabinet

Cleaning Up After a Burst Water Pipe

Damaged water pipes can cause a lot of damage. In this home, for example, the kitchen sink pipe burst and flooded both the entire first floor and the basement. Our team had to cut out parts of the walls, floors, and the basement ceiling before we could begin setting the drying equipment. Fortunately, we've experienced incidents like these on many occasions and were able to make it "Like it never even happened."

Pipes and green equipment enter a plastic cover on top of hardwood floor

We Can Dry Wet Hardwood Floors

Water can do significant damage to hardwood floors. In some cases—if the damage is severe—the panels can actually warp and require complete replacement. Fortunately, if the floor isn't already ruined, our team can use a system (as shown above) to dry and save your floor!

SERVPRO vehicles parked in arrangement


We have dozens of green, fully stocked SERVPRO vehicles. When you call our team, we're prepared to roll out at any time. Pictured above are just some of the vehicles that make up our SERVPRO fleet!

Man standing behind a podium next to a table covered with a SERVPRO logo

2020 Annual Employee Meeting

Each year, everyone at SERVPRO of Iredell County and our sister franchises in the Unifour area meets to review the previous year's progress and to set new goals. We believe it's important that our team is informed and energized to help our customers!

Two men in black shirts stand behind SERVPRO equipment in messy room

Cleaning a Flooded School

We've helped hundreds of commercial properties clean up fire and water damages. In recent years, we helped a local school clean up after suffering severe storm damage. Our team worked around the clock to help the school open back up as quickly as possible!

SERVPRO equipment placed in a hallway

Setting Equipment in a Hospital with Water Damage

Businesses are just as susceptible to water damage as residential properties. Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses over the years to help them recover from various disasters. Pictured above, our team has started to place air movers and dehumidifiers in water-damaged hallways of a local hospital.

SERVPRO vehicles lined up on wet under a dark, cloudy sky

Responding to Storm Events

Our team at SERVPRO of Iredell County responds to major storm events—both here at home and around the nation. In 2018, for example, we traveled to Wilmington, NC to help clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Living room submerged by flood waters

Helping Flood Victims

Flooding can happen to anyone, even if you don't live in a designated flood area. In the photo above, one home was mostly underwater after heavy rains persisted for multiple days. This is an extreme case, but it illustrates the potential damage storms can cause. Fortunately, our team was able to help this customer dry out the home once the waters receded.

Standing water in the hallway of a building

Taking Care of Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can affect businesses just as it does with homes. These incidents can disrupt operations and result in revenue loss. Fortunately, our team at SERVPRO of Iredell is capable of handling any size commercial disaster. In fact, we have nearly dozens of employees and hundreds of units of equipment!

Rows of green air movers with "Iredell" written on them

Fully Stocked Equipment

Our warehouse is stocked with equipment to clean up any disaster. We have hundreds of air movers (pictured above) to help dry out water-damaged homes and properties. No matter how large the disaster is, we're ready to help!

Group photo of SERVPRO employees

Our Team at SERVPRO of Iredell County

When we took on new ownership last year, we joined a team of more than 60 seasoned SERVPRO employees. With our increased capacity, we can handle any sized disaster and truly make any water or fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Dark hallway with a ceiling and walls damaged by fire

Statesville Home Damaged by Fire

House fires can happen to anyone. In some cases, these instances are rather minor and are easier to clean up. In cases like the above photo, the damage is more extensive and will require multiple steps to clean up and restore. 

Fire Damage – Mooresville Kitchen

Fire damage resulted from an oily skillet fire in this Mooresville kitchen. The fire spread enough to leave a thick residue of soot and smoke damage on the ceiling, walls, and cabinets. The owner decided to replace the upper cabinets, and we cleaned the rest of the fire damage with dry sponging and a special primer in preparation for a finish coat of paint.

Statesville Storm Damage Through the Attic

A storm lifted some shingles on a roof, and the resulting storm damage to this Statesville house is apparent. The removal of hanging drywall panels and securing the structure is the first step in the storm damage restoration process.

Commercial Water Damage – Statesville

Commercial water damage can reach enormous proportions in Statesville. When it does, it calls for equipment and personnel that matches the enormity of the tragedy. SERVPRO of Iredell County has the trained personnel and equipment like this trailer mounted refrigerated desiccant dehumidifier available for large loss events.

Mold Damage – Mooresville Bathroom

Mold damage at this Mooresville home was the result of a toilet supply line leak. The residents were out of town on an extended vacation when the mold began to grow. It doesn’t take too much time for mold to rapidly accelerate when conditions are right.

Lake Norman Fire Damage to a Bedroom

Smoking in bed led to this mess in a Lake Norman bedroom. Our first task was a clean out and then a dry out of the fire-damaged room. We worked hard to eliminate the smoke odors with an ozone machine and thermal fogging. Need help? Call SERVPRO.

Stormy Weather Leads to Severe Water Damage in Statesville

The groundwater wicked into the walls and saturated the flooring. After the demolition which included discarding the contaminated floor materials, we cut out non-salvageable drywall and dried the affected areas before the rebuild. We also disinfected the exposed materials.

Truck Mount

A truck mount is a vital piece of equipment for SERVPRO of Iredell County. The main purpose of truck mount is to extract water from a home that it has flooded. It can extract hundreds of gallons of water per hour. The truck mount also assists with carpet cleaning.

Hardwood Floors

When hardwood floors become wet, they can cup. SERVPRO of Iredell County has many different techniques to assist in helping reverse the damage, including dehumidification, air movers and floor drying mats.

Hardwood Floors

When hardwood floors become wet, they can cup. SERVPRO of Iredell County has many different techniques to assist in helping reverse the damage, including dehumidification, air movers and floor drying mats

Fire Clean Up

SERVPRO of Iredell County can assist you with cleaning up after fire or smoke damage. We can clean the structure and contents, as well as, inventory belongings. We work can directly with insurance adjusters, to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Commerical Water Loss

SERVPRO of Iredell County has the capacity to handle both small residential to larger commercial jobs. We have the capability to partner with other SERVPRO franchises to increase our ability to service all size customers.


Mold can start to grow 24 to 48 hours after water damage occurs. SERVPRO of Iredell County has trained technicians that know how to properly treat and remediate the mold. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 704-872-7466